– NY Daily News

“The epidemic nature of these shootings, and the eerie ways in which the communities who suffer them are connected.”

– The Daily Beast

“Chillingly relevant. A touching human story.”

– Slate

“A film about how, at our core, we are compassionate people who in times of trauma are there for one another.”

– Highlark Mag

“A window into the lasting pain caused by such attacks but also a shaft of hope in the ways that support can come from unexpected places. This is not a call to arms, but a call to wrap your arms around someone else or simply link arms with them and, with luck, keep moving forward to help forge a less violent future for others and some inner peace.”

– Eye for Film

“The seasons of grief, the link between personal tragedy and universal experience, and the healing power of time.”

– News Times

“A look at the emotional and mental toll of gun violence in hopes of helping both current survivors, and those yet to come.”

– Reuters

“This transcendent film adds a revelatory dimension to a subject that is at the epicenter of public consciousness today. We found the wholly original approach of this film allowed us to feel again about subject matter that had shattered our collective souls and left us numb. An emotional paralysis was lifted as we watched this film that allowed us to engage once again with the brutal reality that is America today.”

– Tribeca Film Juror