We are all Newtown…  I remember when this horrific event happened & wondering at that time, that maybe now, because of the fact that so many innocent children were killed, that maybe, now , something would be done about gun violence in our country.   I remember watching on TV, Newtown parents holding pictures of their murdered children as congressman & congresswomen walked by them as these congress people made their way into chambers to vote on a bill regarding gun control & it did not pass.  And just this week, republicans, practicing baseball in a baseball field near the White House, were gunned down.  Will any kind of gun control measures pass now?  Probably  not.  Why does the NRA have such a strong hold on our politicians?   Why do we allow the NRA to have such a strong hold on politicians?    It just seems to me to be common sense that no one needs to have access to automatic weapons, that more thorough background checks need to be done on anyone that wants to purchase a gun, etc. . . My thought & prayers will always be for these Newtown families.